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Thank you for becoming a part of this growing movement to get money out of politics and protect the right to vote!

This fall, a mass movement led by supporters like you will start local teams, lead local trainings, and organize nonviolent direct actions from coast to coast. 

Local leaders will be supported by our National Support Center of volunteer organizers from our Movement House headquarters in Washington, DC.

That's why every dollar you give counts. Help us sustain this new phase by becoming a monthly sustaining donor.

Over the course of a year, here's how your monthly donation could be used:

$10/month pays for training materials & resources for 6 local leaders to receive .

$27/month pays for food & organizing tools for 1 full-time volunteer organizer.

$50/month pays for high-speed internet access for a whole Movement House of full-time volunteer organizers.

$100/month pays for food & organizing tools for 4  full-time volunteer organizers.

$250/month pays for a team of trainers to travel & lead DNA trainings for local groups of organizers.

See who else is donating: